A) Elmir believes that because of the mess, the world is in, Americans have to be very careful when traveling out of the USA.  Elmir is not a hero nor a chicken.  Elmir has been to the Middle East, more than once, and to Europe many times.  But the present situation would require too much careful behavior for it to be any fun traveling overseas.

Tip: Vacation in and travel the USA.

B) Flying; Elmir doesn't enjoy hurling through the air in a metal container at over 500 miles/hour, 6 miles above the ground, not being in control, knowing pain hurts and death is permanent, i.e. you are not going to end up sitting around a table drinking tea with all your ancestors.  But Elmir does ride on airplanes but very selectively, e.g. definitely not the Airbus 380 because how can you be sure with 800 people, on board, one of them is not a nut case who believes that martyring is a good job choice.



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