1. Dust can collect inside a computer and in doing so inhibits the computers ability to get rid of heat. Heat is a destroyer of electronics. So  try to keep your computer in as dust free condition as possible and if your computer has a fan and vent, then periodically blow dry air into the fan in order to blow out any dust that has accumulated.

2. Good practice is to save important documents off your computer in case the computer fails, e.g. the hard drive craps the bed i.e. a non-polite way of saying dies. I use a 1 terabyte external hard drive and every now and then download any important hard or impossible to replace documents e.g. email addresses. Now depending on your requirements maybe just a smaller flash drive will do the job but remember when buying get a good product.

3. Watching computer screens, reading a book both can cause dry eye. So get in the habit of blinking when clicking the mouse, blinking when turning a book page.







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