When Elmir is making a major purchase, he always checks consumer reports. Buying a car, air-conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine - if you do not check what Consumer Reports recommends - you may end up with "a pig in a poke". Below is their website and Elmir highly recommends them when purchasing go with their recommendation.



1. In 2004, Elmir bought a 2004 Hyundai Elantra and traded it for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, in 2011. There was 98,000 miles on the Elantra and it still was in good shape, I believed in changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles not the recommended 7,000.

I have been running my Sonata for 6 years now and could not be more pleased, it is Turbo charged 275 HP, with rearview camera, nav system, leather, eco/turbo selector button (do you want to save gas or beat someone at the traffic light) etc. After 25,000 miles the tires needed replaced, which is apparently standard on all cars, i.e. they do not start you out with the best tires, except for the top of the line cars e.g. BMW. The new upgraded Hyundai tires are like super tires i.e. about the best you can buy.

With the 10year 100,000 mile warranty, why would you buy any other manufacturers car.

2. In general, only buy brand name products, the following are some Elmir's recommended manufacturers: Always remember you get what you pay for.

      Cuisinart coffee maker, although my original coffee pot maker, on one side and instant hot water on the other started leaking after about 6 years, and googling it found that is a problem with them - but at the price $100 usd and used for 6 years everyday, really was a bargain about 5 cents/day - so I bought the same to replace it.

      Frigidaire window air conditioner.

      Kenmore window air conditioner, refrigerator and gas clothes drier.

      LG and Sony televisions  

      Panasonic microwave.

      Whirlpool top load washer.





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