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 -C)  What is the Meaning of New Year’s?  Your life is in your own hands.

What then is the philosophic meaning of New Year’s resolutions? Every resolution you make on this day implies that you are in control of your self, that you are not a victim fated by circumstance, controlled by stars, owned by luck, but that you are an individual who can make choices to change your life. You can learn statistics, ask for that promotion, fight your shyness, search for that marriage partner. Your life is in your own hands.

  -B) Think, use your brain - e.g. paint was around for thousands of years before Picasso came along.

-A) avoid a questioner.pdf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A) Elmir believes we are just top of the line apes and as such actually require very little to be happy.  A good wife or husband, some food, a secure territory and a comfortable place to rest makes for good living.  Many people get caught up in the "He who dies with the most toys wins" idea and generally are not really happy living.   What is inside a person is reflected outside in how they are living. Get a job with very low stress, e.g. most any federal government job.

Tips: 1) Observe and practice the Living Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 2) To cut down on stress, and also in general help improve your life avoid participating in the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth).

B) Benjamin Franklin had a lot of good advice.  Checkout the website below.

Tip: http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/quotable/

C) The following is just noting how screwed the world is:

Case 1: Oh! I know I have booque bucks two homes not a worry in this world but greed is a mental illness that keep me grabbing all the things within my reach, so you are damn right I am going to get all the freebees that are available including social security, the hell with the country I want it all.

Case 2: Oh! I know what to do with the money I inherited, I would never invest in health cures, e.g. a cure for cancer, no! no! I want to give my money to people who can help themselves but are too lazy or stupid to do that, yes! yes!  then my pretend god will love me. 

Case 3: We have global warming - on second thought no we do not have global warming.

Case 4: Lock up the border patrol - set the drug dealers free.

Case 5: Go after the people who bombed the world trade center - but do not hurt the people who are hiding them.

Case 6: Give health care to everyone - yes yes lets bankrupt the USA and make us a third world country so that China can help us.

Case 7: Give out condoms so guys can get their rocks off without bring more lazy stupid people into the world - no no god would not want you to do that.  Can the world get anymore screwed up!


If you are interested in an excellent explanation of how we arrived to where we are, visit the discovery channel and watch Stephen Hawking's "Did God Create the Universe?"  At last Elmir found a documentary that lets somebody truly understand life. 

The Bible consists of stories meant to turn us into civilized animals by creating laws and also putting fear into us by creating a God who will see you will be rewarded or punished depending on what you do.

This program has to be watched so that everyone will see how we evolved.   If you listen carefully to the Stephen Hawking's program, you may get the idea that there probably is no Heaven or Hell (Note: In Elmirs thinking there definitively no heaven or hell).

I assume anyone who has found this site will watch the show and understand that it makes no changes in their lives but sure will make them change the way they deal with their loved ones because when life on earth is over - that is the end of you - you go to oblivion and no where else.


Why would children put their own Mother in an old age home, when she worked her hands to the bone using washboards (her alcoholic husband was too much of a jerk to see she needed help e.g. did not even provide her with a washing machine and dryer), she had to wash the clothes in a sink using a washboard and then hang the clothes over fireplace screens so her children would have clean clothes, she spent sleepless nights watching over them, running up and down the stairs to give them hot water bottles for the cold winter nights (since the house was poorly heated), seeing they had medical care and an education.  The Mother was found by these church going childen, after she was on the floor for 2 days, and all the one that found her had to say "she smelled of Urine", my god what an AH. Then this Mother, her mind at 68 years of age, still working like when she was young, who was thanked for all this work by being put in a old age home at 68 years of age, tied to a chair, and dead at age 70 - all so her four church going religious Sons would not have to spend any time or money or love to pay her back for all of her work and kindness - just a bunch of #@%*&! 

Elmir would have taken care of her but this all happened when Elmir was living thousands of miles away. Elmir was not taking care of her because years before when the AH father died the Black Hat oldest brother was the estate executer, and me being abused and much younger couldn't do anything, so the Black Hat went contrary to Mothers and my wish to buy a property where I would have had satisfied my energy requirements, it was a small farm. Instead, she was stuck in a small house, Black Hat bought a rental property and I went elsewhere searching, thinking with 4 other church going brothers there in the area she would be taken care of, boy was I wrong.

Elmir's wife visited her, shortly before she died, and what this Mother said was "LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO ME NOW" - really really sad, a bunch of sons of a bastard. 

There maybe a god after all because the Mother is getting Revenge.  The oldest of the Sons (who likes to be known as the one who wears the Black Hat) has developed extreme back and neck problems involving operations that has left him only able to get around by using a walker and wheelchair.  The son was not only evil but dumb - the poor little man did not want to put up with any pain so instead of just taking pain medicine he goes and gets both back and neck operations.  Now he is a fargin mess, due to his own stupidity.

The Mother's revenge is: with his problems he is in tears because of being deathly afraid of ending up in a home, tied to a chair i.e. the way he took care of his Mother is going to happen to him, Revenge sweet Revenge.  Presently he refuses to go to a home or even get his wife help, he can afford it, but would rather burden his wife and drive her into an early grave.  For the last 5 or 6 years, the wife has been taking care of him and although she is only 69 years old she looks like 90, plum worn out. 

To all of those four sons and in particular the Black Hat One (the Leader) Elmir gives this greeting; %!@& Greeting.wmv 




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