A) Here are a few suggestion: 1) Get an education in a field where people are needed and/or will be needed into the foreseeable future, 2) Checkout job websites (see tip 1 below), 3) Put together a good resume (see tip 2 below).  

Tip: 1. Some job websites: http://www.monster.com/ ; http://careerbuilder.com/ ; http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ ; https://chart.donhr.navy.mil/ ; look up jobs in http://www.google.com/ ; http://www.hotsheet.com/ (here go to all the various search engines listed, also  http://www.mapquest.com/ is listed and you can get directions to a new town etc) ; http://www.yahoo.com/

Tip: 2. Many of the websites have help for you in putting together your resume.  MS Word also has sample resumes that are already formatted and you just have to fill in your information.  Remember to be honest when filling out resumes.

Tip: 3. In job interviews, be honest, friendly, cheerful, courteous, brave, clean and reverent, i.e. act like a good boy or girl scout, this is what people want.

And if you have a prison record, tough sh*t and that is why blacks are so-oo stupid, instead of zipping their mouths and getting an education, they act big and tough don't take no crap. Everyong takes crap and as long as they are getting paid, they just put up with it. As Forrest Gump says "Stupid is as Stupid does".




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