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MEMOS TO ANYONE WHO THINKS SELF DRIVING MACHINES, E.G. CARS, ARE A GOOD IDEA: Your computer for no apparent reason stops working totally or just gets a glitch in it, or one of the experts in this field has their brain go haywire and decides to change the machines code, in an seemingly innocuous way so that at some point the machine will do the opposite of what it is suppose to do or the GPS satellite hiccups, sending the car over a cliff - and on and on. NOW DO NOT THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS WHEN YOU GET INTO ONE OF THESE SELF DRIVING MACHINES :D. Elmir will ride in one but only when they are taking his ash urn to the cemetery.

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PictureLift Off For The Real-Life Iron Man  Telegraph

Lilium's two-seater Eagle prototype lifts off for the first time

Lilium plans five-seater air taxi after successful unmanned flight

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Uber's Self-Driving Cars Are Off to a Rocky Start.  Internal documents show they need a human to take control about every mile. PM

Most Americans Are Too Afraid to Ride in Self-Driving Cars PM


I realize that this is just a delivery hover craft but they want similar technology to be used in driverless cars - what the hell are they thinking.

Elmir told his wife he would ride in one when she wants to takes his ash urn for a ride. (Presently I look at it this way, I do not want to drive down the road with my eyes closed thinking did some clean room technician sneeze on the intergrated circuit board that is in this vehicle and at some point the IC will fail sending me into a head-on collision.)

emoji sweatingemoji death

US sets up 10 official test sites for autonomous vehicles New Atlas

Tesla's autopilot cars are 40% less likely to crash, but inquiry told former Navy SEAL who died in crash had seven second to avoid hitting turning truck.

Teslas fitted with an autopilot system have 0.8 accidents per million miles compared to 1.3 crashes according to a federal report completed following the death of a former Navy SEAL in Florida. (So in Elmir's thinking do not believe everything you read.)

ALSO: Forget about small cars, you want as much Detroit steel around you as possible, when you are driving a car, so think large car. Or go ahead and save gas and increase your odds of not surviving an accident. Just Elmir's thinking from his life observing what has been happening.

ALSO: When driving a vehicle, your attention needs to be 100% on driving.

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