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A. USA 2016 Presidential Politics

Aa. older USA 2016 Presidential Politics

Ab. older USA 2016 Presidential Politics

Ac. How did the USA get so messed up

B. Robot Revolution

Ba. Fuel Cells

Bb. Autonomous Vehicles

Bc. Unusual Gadgets

C. Family Tips

D. Job Tips

E. Living Tips

Ea. Health Tips

Eb. Education Tips

Ec. Surviving Life Tips

Ed. Products to avoid Tips

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Ee. Computer Tips

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G. Miscellaneous 

H. Very Interesting

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 What Elmir thinks of the Democrats in Congress    

young frank

Want to really understand how F**ked Up the world is then click here

 1. Odds of winning PowerBall  How many minutes in 333 years? 
Well! lets figure the chances of winning PowerBall:
minutes in an hour = 60;
hours in a day = 24;
days in a year 365;
Therefore minutes in a year = 60 x 24 x 365 = 525,600;
 Now how many minutes in 333 years = 525,600 x 333 = 175,024,800 minutes in 333 years -
This is close enough to the PowerBall odds of 175,000,000 to 1, so every minute, over the past 333 years represents a unique combination of PowerBall numbers. Then buying one ticket is the same as you picking one minute after 1 AM on January 26, 1680 or 57 minutes before 4 PM on June 19, 1735 or 20 minutes after 9 PM on December 7, 2012, etc - The point being - even at those odds Elmir recommends buying one ticket and no more. 
Another way of looking at this - what was the earth like 175 million years ago e.g. creatures were still evolving and eventually in about 173 million years some of these creatures evolved into apes and the top of the line apes, are called Humans aka Bathing Apes. 
Note: Elmir is not going to take the time to fix the odds information, that have changed, but you get the idea.

Unusual Sightings

Statue of St. Midget (Patron Saint of small people) found: life size statue.JPG


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Goddess Bless America



This website is the Elmirian Bible and information will be added as Elmir sees things that need further clarification or should be added.  For example, since life is no dress rehearsal, Elmir will add to the Tips, sites what Elmir has experienced that may help you, e.g. maximize your life span, have a better family life, improve how you live, find a job, travel with confidence, etc.

Additionally, if interested in other religious sites, check out these: http://www.catholic.org/ ; http://www.hindunet.org/ http://www.buddhanet.net/ ; http://www.religioustolerance.org/zoroastr.htm http://www.jewfaq.org/ ; etc;  (in other words there are too many to list, so just pick one, if you must, But remember Elmirism does not cost time or money.)

Items no longer available:

1) Elmirs follower's recipe for a healthy quick to make smoothie: wheat germ; blueberries; raspberries; a mixture of juices; oatmeal; and a combination of several different natural pills and compounds.  There you have it, except for the quantities of each item i.e. the recipe, the special items (all natural) and the best and cheapest places to purchase all these items. 

Due to lack of customers this item is no longer available.

smoothie smoothie smoothie smoothie smoothie

This smoothie provides energy, anti-oxidants (these fight the stuff that cause health problems), keeps your bile's moving smoothly (this helps prevent colon cancer), helps your brain (may help prevent alzheimer's disease).  NOTE: Click on the Health Tips button below for additional information! cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer colon colon colon colon colon colon prostate prostate prostate prostate prostate prostate

2) Rapture Underwear; The underwear guaranteed to stay on* so that you arrive in the promised land decent. Well obviously there are either many people who want to arrive bare naked or don't believe in that crap anyway, so I have also closed this site. *Money back guarantee if it fails to stay on.

 Yo boy am I constipated!  If that is your problem see Item 1) above.  

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